Elephant Scans

Elephant scans provide a cost-effective solution for scanning a large number of films without compromising on quality.

Main features

Size Comparison

A visual comparison showing the resolution of dokko's elephant scans to the commonly used Fuji Frontier scanner:
comparison scan sizes 135 format dokko Frontier Noritsu

Scan and Print Sizes

Elephant scan sizes table

Contact Sheets

In addition to the individual scans, you also get two digital contact sheets with an overview of all images on each film:

contact sheets dokko

contact sheets dokko


The conventional way of scanning an entire film is to first scan it using a low resolution scanner with draft quality, then re-scan the selected images at a higher resolution. In my view this workflow is outdated and has several disadvantages:

Elephant scans eliminate all these problems by scanning each and every frame at high quality from the start. The unedited, original RAW scans are always included along with the processed images, which makes them a perfect backup for future projects and safe archiving. This means that all images can directly be used for further production and do not have to be re-scanned again later on.

If you need higher resolution:

PDF document for download,
detailing the resolutions of all formats

download resolution list